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Vivir para siempre

Hurrah to cryonics

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Monday, 04. December 2006

Jesus the cryonicist

By eternidad, 22:08



He moves amongst the cheering crowd

Towards a hilltop

With a crown of pain on his head


And stands tall and proud

In the spring sun

As he drags his tank


They lay him down on the ground

Legs together

Arms to the side


He has to obey his father

And do as he commands

To redeem man


They inject his wrists

To make him go to sleep

In a painless fashion


Because he loves his father

He must follow his orders

And die for now


Here lies the eternal king

Who froze to save the mortal man 

It’s written by his tank


Forgive me father, he says

I give my soul to infinity

And my body to cryonics

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